For a lot of us, we want to be out doing things, It makes our free time more of an adventure time when we finally get away from what pays the bills. For us as founders, coming from the technology start up world, and being stuck in an office or at work was not what we wanted. It drove us to get outside and be active. Not wanting to be tethered to a cubicle or computer writing code for the rest of our lives we decided to build a platform that would allow us to share our joy for being active and outdoors with everyone. We wanted to build a company that would allow us to get out and test outdoor and active lifestyle equipment so we could help others get the right equipment for each season’s activities. We wanted to find and review the highest quality outdoor and active lifestyle products. This is where our journey began. We started buying and reviewing products. We tested mugs, coolers, and chairs; we even started testing fishing and beach equipment, Taking some equipment on our own adventures from beach trips to camping and fishing trips. We wanted to find products we could buy for the long haul that would last. Our focus has always been on durability and quality along with unique products that will just make things easier. Being prepared with the right equipment when you are on your own adventures is where we hope you will find yourself with our help.


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