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Our New High Quality Camping Hammocks

Just in time for your adventures; our new high quality portable camping hammocks just came out of production. We are excited to bring you this new product and hope you will have as much fun using them as we did testing them. We added high quality carabiners and super tough straps. Our favorite part, is having these set up between two trees with an ice cold beverage in hand. We're quite certain you won't be disappointed either. Use them camping, hiking, or just star gazing in your backyard. Kick your connection to nature up a notch with our tree-friendly hammocks today!

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Sunset Hoodie

Grab one of our hoodies and stay toasty warm around the campfire. Oh yeah, we have a ton of colors too, check them out! Plus, you can get them super fast through Amazon.

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Sunset Long Sleeve

Just a little cooler where you're going? Check out this sweet long sleeve shirt. We also have four colors on this one, and you can get it on Amazon also.

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Who is Outright Outfitters?

Outright Outfitters is owned and operated by two guys that have a passion for being out in nature. We spend our free time, hiking, camping, fishing, or at the beach. Our goal is to simply share the products we find useful and worthy of our adventures. We hope you spend more time outdoors, having new experiences, finding new friends, and enjoying our beautiful planet.

We provide innovative and quality gear for modern-day explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. From next-level camping experiences to quality lounging on the beach, we offer products to help answer the call of the outdoors. We support the Leave No Trace initiative, and aim to inspire people to get back in touch with nature.

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